Check out some video clips from past Wildfire Motorsports shows!

Full Throttle takes on Gold Digger (2005)

Bad Boy & Ron Stanwood Freestyle (2005)

Undertaker & Billy Chapin Freestyle (2004)

Austin 3:16 & Ted Wallace Freestyle (2004)

Goldberg & Calvin Carrington Freestyle (2004)

Seeing Double: Undertaker Vs. Golderg (2004)

The Finals: Undertaker Vs. Summit Truck Style (2004)

Krokadile Hunta battles Monster Patrol (2003)

The Hulkster goes through the brackets (2003)

Korkadile Hunta rips up the arena (2003)

Hulkster hits some iron walls (2003)

Ron Stanwood tears up Stone Cold (2003)

Mad Man Mike gets big time air! (2003)

Stone Cold smashes the cars (2003)

Team mates square off: Rock Vs. Stone Cold (2002)

The Rock goes after it in freestyle (2002)

Stone Cold almost loses it in freestyle (2002)

Thank you to The Monster Blog for their donation of pictures to Wildfire

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